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Receive a customized stretching plan tailored to your area of complaint. Receive 6 specific stretching techniques to help decrease tension and tightness in problem areas. Image for each position as well as description with specific hold times and repetitions. Move freely again and wake up every morning feeling better & looser!

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a healthy and functional range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Once you call on these tight muscles for activity, they are weak and unable to extend fully. That leaves you at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.

For example, sitting in a chair all day results in tight hamstrings in the back of the thigh. Which makes it harder to extend your leg or straighten your knee all the way, which inhibits walking or gait pattern. Likewise, when tight muscles are suddenly called for a strenuous activity that stretches them, such as a fast unexpected move or a sports activity, they may become damaged from suddenly being stretched. Injured muscles may not be strong enough to support the joints, which can lead to joint injury.

Regular stretching keeps muscles long, lean, and flexible, and this means that they won’t be overworked or injured with exertion. Healthy muscles also help a person with balance problems to avoid falls.

Customized “Flexibility & Mobility” Plan helps with improving health and mobility while avoiding potential injuries.

Here is what you will need:

Your Body Weight

Yoga Mat (A Towel Can Be Used)

Recommended for All Fitness Levels.

Allow 2-3 Business Days For Email Delivery After Purchase Date.
This program does not include a nutrition guide.

Satisfaction Guarantee🏆

Customer Reviews:


“Im so much looser”

Robin Steele


“my back is much better”

Nancy Grey


“my back pain stopped!”

Alice Quigley


“my neck is painfree”

Bette Hall


“i dont feel so stiff in the morning”

Bob Steiner


“Im walking better”

Celeste Tims


“my wife says I’m walking straighter”

Dave Warner


“my back is better!”

Evelyn Bennager


“my hip pain is almost gone”

Mike Fordham

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Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise. Luxe Naturals represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition.

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