How to Master the Art of Finding a Workout You Enjoy

With the chance of being overly exact, discovering a fitness  program you love is a project, not a quick find.

Regarding myself, it took a few tries. 

I’ve never been the running type. 

Although I do interval running on my treadmill, running is by no means anything enjoyable or anything I do leisurely.

 Just practicality. 

I do it solely because of willpower and the goal of doing it and finishing it. 

It’s not something I can do casually, it doesn’t clear my head… I’m watching the treadmill timer by the millisecond…

Although, it feels like time has stopped all together.

My Path to Discovering My Preferred Fitness Routine

Roughly, 8 years ago I decided to join a gym, one of the Big Brand gyms that offer many classes.

I was somewhat intimidated by the weight machines, especially the larger ones located on the side of the gym that I had classified as the “guy side”. 

So I stuck to group classes, consisting of Zumba, body pump, and kickboxing, etc.

All classes that I enjoyed greatly. 

They definitely slimmed me down, although no real muscle definition was happening in my body, despite taking these weight training classes.

But I stuck with that specific routine for five years, trying to switch up types of classes and days of classes to avoid my body becoming complacent with the types of  activities.

The switch up. 

Then about five years ago, we lost a few of my preferred instructors and I decided to venture out onto the gym floor.

I must say I was somewhat intimidated inside at first, although I pushed through.

I was a paying member too and had the right to go on any side of the gym no matter who was present or who was hogging the space.

So,  after a quick 5-minute warm-up on a standard bike or elliptical… I sauntered downstairs to the main floor. I started using the heavy exercise equipment that required loading of free weights as well as hand weights or dumbbells, that I used for shoulder and arm routines.

I started lifting low reasonable weight amounts that weren’t too heavy or strenuous, but still presented a challenge. And within about three weeks I started to see great muscle definition all around. 

Steadily increasing weight amounts to increase strength, in 5 or 10 lb increments depending on if it was upper-body or lower-body.

 I started incorporating in the supine squat machine, as well as the standing squat machine. 

Due to my natural ability to gain muscle definition, I found it increased my muscle size too much. So I avoided  those types of very heavyweight  machines. 

Although I could have just decreased weight, but it was building up my quad muscles to largely when I was trying to isolate my glutes instead.

My slight workout modification.

 So I started to isolate the different hip muscle groups individually, because the squatting motion works every muscle group in the leg. 

Some of my staple machines presently are hip muscle group strengthening with a  focus on outer thigh definition,  the hip abduction machine, High weight/ low reps. Then focusing on slimming of  the inner thigh with the hip adduction machine, low weight/High Reps.  

I am always sure to incorporate core-strengthening, including abdominal crunches as well as oblique crunching, this helps to keep a slim narrow waist on all sides of your trunk. And then I also incorporate some type of shoulder/arm exercise, whether it be an exercise machine, free weights or cables.

My Physical Changes.

I’ve found this to be very beneficial to my overall physique, muscle tone and figure.

It’s made me become even more confident than ever. 

This is a workout routine that I enjoy every moment of and see the physical benefits and attributes it has given me. I’ve always been slender and straight- bodied by nature, even if I fluctuated between 5 and 10 lb.

But this workout routine has given me extra slenderness with curves and a shape that I have never had. 

Discovering Your Desired Fitness Path.

After discovering strength and fitness you find a stronger sense of confidence in your everyday life.

By accomplishing or learning a new skill you’re giving your brain,  psychological communications of positivity that you can accomplish hard things because you’re strong and capable. 

It’s very empowering and it’s like a reset button for your brain, that not only changes others perceptions of you, but it also changes your self-perception or internal dialogue… because of the confidence boosting effects while performing your fitness routines or just during  everyday life. 

So now that I have recapped my fitness journey… The importance of finding an actual workout or community you’d like to join is of great importance. 

How exactly do you find that perfect fit?

Regardless of the exercise choice, finding the right instructor maybe the key to finding the right workout. 

We definitely feed off of certain energies and are drawn to different types of people.

And I found that my connection or liking towards the instructor also impacts my liking towards the class. There’s a direct correlation to each. 

But if there is an instructor that you really don’t fancy, just continue working out to your fullest potential, doing their directed exercise as determined as possible.

Realizing the physical benefits that you are trying to still achieve. 

Some people just focusing on the music. 

That’s where they connect. So even if they have difficulty hitting the moves or perfecting the movement. They are connecting with the music and therefore enjoying the workout. 

Attending a new workout class is definitely intimidating no matter how seasoned you are… It’s the threat of the unknown that makes you uneasy.

 But it’s important to try something new and push through even if it makes you uncomfortable, because by the end of that workout you’re going to feel great, accomplished with feel good hormones just floating all through your body.

What types of fitness communities are out there?

Some join classes for the community aspect, examples of that would be Zumba, yoga and pilates communities.

Those type of workout classes become more like a social event for many people, specifically Zumba.  There is even Zumba apparel you can wear which makes it feel more like a team or a club.

So if you’re looking for a fitness community those are some types of workouts to keep in mind. 

The bottom line.

In the end, the path of finding a workout you enjoy and will be successful at truly comes down to your approach to the workout…your mindset and whether you have great positivity or negative thoughts flowing around it, internally.

Certain workouts or moves will not be enjoyable because it’s difficult for your body, it’s challenging your body, and  you’re giving it all you’ve got  but it’s about being in the right headspace and enjoying the discomfort.

Anything challenging or that is a struggle despite the undeniable benefits will not be easy or comfortable.

Learn to enjoy the discomfort because it’s leading to your big picture.

Jeanette Laine, Health & Wellness Expert

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