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All Sessions Are Completed Through An Interactive Video Session With Clients Directly Interacting With Me, Jen Elaine, Stretching Therapist, Addressing Their Customized And Individual Stretching Needs. My 13 years of experience in all phases of physical therapy makes me fully equipped to assist with improving flexibility and decreasing unnecessary discomfort.

Get 1-on-1 virtual stretching training from HealthElite Online Stretching Therapy

Expert Online Stretching Therapy

Increase Flexibility With An Online Stretching Therapist

Sessions Delivered to you at home (or anywhere) over the internet, utilizing video conferencing tools like Zoom™, Facetime ™, Whatsapp™ or Skype™.

I will demonstrate, motivate and coach you through your workout, as they would in person. In each virtual stretching session I will ensure you get a great session focusing on 4 foundations of mobility.





With 13 Years Of Rehabilitation And Therapy Experience, Therapist Jen with HealthElite Therapy Is Able To Provide Optimal Methods And Techniques To Meet Desired Goals Of Each Client.

Whether It Be Decreasing Joint Pain And Tightness Or Improving Overall Posture, Stability And Balance Strengthening Essential Functional Muscle Groups To Maintain Full Flexibility And Functional Mobility.

Feel Great Again And Eliminate Unnecessary Aches And Pains. We Are Here To Provide An Amazing Service Right From The Comfort And Safety Of Your Own Home.

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Tailored To Your Individual Needs

Your program is tailored specific to your needs. Building strength & flexibility.

Be Motivated

Be motivated and supported, in each session. Learn proper form and technique and avoid injury or aggravating old injuries. Enjoy a fun and varied workout each week with your stretching therapy.

No Equipment Needed

Your therapist is experienced in creating a stretching therapy using little or no equipment. However, if you have your own stretching strap, yoga mat, etc., your therapist can incorporate it into the session.

So What Are The Benefits Of Online Stretching Therapy Sessions? 

We Offer Clients The Ability To Improve Their Health And Wellness Within The Safety Of Their Own Homes, Minus The Commute And Inconvenience.

What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Sessions?

Interactive Sessions With Direct Client And Therapist Interactions Promote Increased Accountability As Well As Optimal Gains And Physical Improvements. Therapists Are Able To Directly Monitor Form And Technique During All Activities To Decrease Or Avoid Possibilities Of Incorrect Form Or Non-beneficial Technique. 

Our Therapists Also Increase Client Motivation Due To The One On One Communication During Therapy Sessions While Also Providing Informative And Educational Information On The Anatomy Of The Body And Why Stretching Certain Muscle Groups Are Necessary For All Functional Activities.

Getting Started

To get started we recommend booking a trial session. In this session you will meet your online therapist before making an ongoing commitment. Your therapist will review your medical screening form & complete a fitness assessment to help you set realistic goals.

The fitness test helps to establish your current level of fitness of which you will receive a report from your trainer at the end of the session. Tests carried out will include:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance/Stability

The assessment is the most important part of the trial session because the information gathered is used to design the program that your therapist will take you through from week to week.

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We Provide Virtual Stretching Therapy Services Consisting Of Stretching Therapy, Balance, Core Stability, Functional Mobility And Increased Active Range Of Motion In All Joints For Optimal Health Wellness And Overall Well Being.

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How does this work?

You will  receive a link to join your session once your therapist is ready to start your session.

What do I need to download?

You will not need to download anything. Just make sure you have a webcam, microphone, and the latest operating system.

Can I do it on my phone?

It is not recommended. A computer or laptop will probably save you time, provide a smoother experience and allow the therapist a better view of your technique and form throughout your therapy session.

That said, several clients have successfully used only a smartphone. The best results were with Chrome as the default browser on the phone.

My internet is pretty good. How good does it have to be?

Internet speeds must be 3 mbps and reliable. A cell phone receiving e-mails and texts during a therapy session will likely drop as the connection is not steady/reliable. A computer or laptop will offer the smoothest experience.


Just Great! Jen helped me lose weight and feel great! Very professional and experienced. I chose the 3 month plan, which was perfect. I learned so many techniques. You won’t be disappointed!


Thank you Jen!! She has helped me overcome a previous physical injury also improved my flexibility and core strength and rehabilitated previous surgeries to the point of being able to play golf almost pain free for the first time in years. I am a life time member now!! Very professional and would recommend to anybody!!

Jen Boo

The results were amazing. I am now able to sleep better, I feel energized and stronger. I can feel that my legs are much stronger too. I’m so glad I found Jen!

Dawn Ximines

Need More Information?

If you are not yet ready to book your online stretching therapist call us on 321-209-3925 or email us for more information.

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