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5 Fat Blasting Exercises at Do at Home & Melt Those Love Handles

By now we all know what HIIT workouts are,  although you might not understand exactly what they consist of. But if you do, you may be ready for an updated routine that easily fits into your day. Well you’re definitely in the right place! HIIT  is an acronym for high intensity interval training. These are workouts with very little downtime, they’re high intensity and are …


How to Master the Art of Finding a Workout You Enjoy

With the chance of being overly exact, discovering a fitness  program you love is a project, not a quick find. Regarding myself, it took a few tries.  I’ve never been the running type.  Although I do interval running on my treadmill, running is by no means anything enjoyable or anything I do leisurely.  Just practicality.  I do it solely because of willpower and the goal …


Does Your Arm Flap Wave Too?

Have you ever waved at someone and then realized that your arm kept waving after you tried to stop – then you want to know how to get rid of fat arms. For women, this may seem to be a bigger issue than for men, but it really isn’t. This is one of the hardest areas to lose weight. You may struggle a lot to …