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Weight Loss

Can Metabolism Be Boosted?

A fast metabolism can be genetic and is inherited by some individuals. Of course, men usually burn more calories, even when sleeping, than females. Just about how you would expect life to work. And for most people, after age 40, their metabolism slows gradually. There are other ways to boost your metabolism, still including  your age, gender, or genetics to the equation.  The sought after secret …

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Weight Loss

What is the Most Effective Weight loss Diet?

There are several diets that have been existent for years and years. Ones that have gained popularity and ones that have maintained their presence for decades. What is the most effective weight loss diet? Let’s name a few. Those would be, the Adkin’s or low-carb diet, Mediterranean diet, plant based diets, whole foods, which is my personal favorite… and the Paleo Diet. These diets contain …

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Weight Loss

Why Weight loss Surgery is Bad

So why do overweight people resort to the seemingly easy fix of bariatric surgery? And why weight loss surgery is bad… Many times weight loss surgery is a last resort for patients who struggle with weight and have tried multiple diets failing to lose weight no matter the type of weight loss programs they ventured out on.  But what is the secret to true weight …

Weight Loss

Here’s How to Fire Up Your Metabolism Right Now

The holy grail of body conscious people everywhere is improving the metabolism, but how easily your body eliminates calories depends on many factors. An efficient metabolism is inherited by some individuals. Men usually  burn more calories, even when sleeping, than females. And for most people, after age 40, their metabolism slows gradually. There are other ways to boost your metabolism, still including  your age, gender, …

Weight Loss

An All-Natural Supplement to Lose Real Fat?

In addition to a healthy diet and consistent exercise, adding healthy supplements is a great thing. It gives your body the added nutrients it needs for optimal health and weight loss of excess pounds. Here’s a great supplement that I found… This Safe, All-Natural Supplement Aids in Deep Sleep while improving HGH Levels. A Non- GMO Product That Helps you Lose Weight… Many thousands of …

Weight Loss

3 Diet Tips to Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Ready for a healthy way to lose weight. Here are 3 diet tips to help you avoid frustration and plateauing while gaining lasting, successful weight loss. What’s the best way to lose weight in a healthy fashion?  Many diet plans and publications report to have all the answers to losing weight successfully and maintaining your weight loss. Stating that the secret to losing weight is …


5 Fat Blasting Exercises at Do at Home & Melt Those Love Handles

By now we all know what HIIT workouts are,  although you might not understand exactly what they consist of. But if you do, you may be ready for an updated routine that easily fits into your day. Well you’re definitely in the right place! HIIT  is an acronym for high intensity interval training. These are workouts with very little downtime, they’re high intensity and are …


Never Underestimate The Influence Of Rest For Muscle Tone.

Exercise has so many benefits like improved mental clarity, improved heart health and it’s an amazing stress reliever.  Although, exercising every day, 365 days a year, isn’t the ideal workout routine either.  Yes, staying active is vital, but having off time or rest days are equally important. When you allow your body to have a rest day, you’re giving your body as well as your …