6 Traits The World’s Greatest Diets Have in Common

There are many diets that have been around for years and years. Ones that have gained popularity and ones that have maintained their presence for a while now.

Those would be, the Adkin’s or low-carb diet, Mediterranean diet, plant based diets, whole foods, which is my personal favorite… and the Paleo Diet.

These diets contain great components to be healthy in the long-term.

Here are 6 things that all winning diets share.

1. Reduced Levels of Sugar

Artificial and added sugars are the true culprit in the unhealthy modern diet.

The average person is eating too much sugar which then creates illnesses and diseases that causes many people hardships later.

All due to a high sugar diet.

When too much fructose is consumed, it overloads your liver which then forces the body to turn it into fat. Fructose is one of the main forms of sugar that is also found in processed foods.

Some of the fat remains in your liver, while some of that fat gets removed as LDL cholesterol which raises your blood triglycerides.

An excessive sugar or fructose diet is linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and seems to be a great component in developing this disease.

And then it leads to the obvious diseases and conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart conditions.

Our bodies weren’t created to process and breakdown unnatural sugars, sugars that aren’t naturally occurring in fruits.

Remember these processed sugars contain no nutrients, just too many calories. Many empty calories. 

All authorities on this subject acknowledge that processed sugar is harmful especially consumed in excess. Which shows that a promising diet would have a low sugar content as a staple in its structure.

Universally, the world has acknowledged that a high sugar diet is unhealthy and any real diet of longevity also has limited sugar as a priority.

2. Removing Refined Carbohydrates

What are refined carbs? 

These are carbs that are derived from sugar and processed starches, which can include even grains that have had their fiber removed or have been bleached. Which is another ingredient that most experts have stated as being unhealthy, just like added artificial sugar.

Wheat flour for instance, which is very popular in North America and is placed in many processed food products… is one of the most commonly found refined carbs in foods and is being consumed in large quantities.

This is a grain that now contains no beneficial nutrients because it has been refined by removing the fiber and nutritious parts, meaning the bran and endosperm are gone once these whole grains are ground down.

Without this important component of fiber, this once whole grain is now just a starch that quickly spikes your blood sugar up…which then leads to cravings and overeating just a few hours later, once your blood sugar then drops.

Scientific research has shown a direct link of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and any type of metabolism reducing condition to refined carbs.

The Paleo and low-carb diets – are two diets that eliminate grains all together. I’m not a fan of any long-term diet that eliminates entire food groups, because your body needs all food groups to function optimally. It’s just finding the healthy and beneficial options within that food group. So reducing refined grains and replacing them with whole grains is the true objective.

Bottom line.

Any diet that eliminates refined grains will result in success. Many do implement no grains all together, but that should be done on a short-term basis.

3. Reducing Omega-6 Fat

The new refinement of oils has truly affected the unhealthy impact that oil now has on the body, and these are once healthy oils that have been around for thousands of years, but in their pure form.

This would include corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil and others.

The mass production of corn and soybean for other reasons besides food consumption have truly affected the quality and growing standard of these grains. 

Since the objective is quantity over quality, they have become very unhealthy. 

The same crops that are used for food consumption are also used for industrial use. Soybean is one of the most pesticide coated crops that are harvested.

Studies have shown that the average person may be eating too much omega-6 fat. These vegetable oil sometimes contain a very high content of polyunsaturated omega-6 fat,  which then causes bad cholesterol or your LDL cholesterol to become oxidized which then leads towards heart disease.

Any confirmation that it’s a direct correlation or cause to heart disease still hasn’t been confirmed. But with all the trials that have been completed, findings show that this type of fat may be harmful to your system.

Now Linoleic Acid- does not show an increase in inflammation in the body or blood levels- despite being a very common omega-6 fatty acid.

Bottom line.

Due to the still unknown side effects or results of high Omega 6 intake,  these types of oils should be limited within your diet. Choose olive oil or coconut oil instead. These are oils that are low in omega-6 and have shown true benefit over and over.

4. Removing Trans Fats

Hydrogenated vegetable oil is what trans fats are derived from, this is fat that is solid in appearance and has a very long shelf life.  My views on anything with a shelf life are that it could/and will be harmful to your body once ingested.

There are many links of heart disease and inflammation to trans fat.

Many European countries have banned trans fats in foods, due to the horrendous effect on the health of the human body. Just in recent years, the United States has placed a ban on trans fats, although it’s not in full effect in some cases until even 2021.

Bottom line.

Studies have shown a direct link of inflammation in the body which causes heart disease to trans fats. These are fats that are constructed by hydrogenating vegetable oil.  Many of these fats are found in deep-fried foods that are offered by fast food chains. 

So by avoiding deep-fried foods, you would be decreasing your trans fat intake all together. Although in the next year or so these fats will be banned altogether in most first world countries, including the European and North American Continents.

5. High Vegetables and Fiber Diets

Certain diets eliminate food groups all together.

Plant-based diets for instance, either decrease or completely eliminate animal products, where a low-carb or paleo diet avoid grains.

Although, other beneficial diets- encourage the low-carb type of eating- restricting any starchy vegetables that may be high in carbs, but all healthy diets always include many vegetables.

We can say that across the board, everyone agrees that vegetables are healthy and beneficial by design. And by eating a healthy quantity of vegetables all diseases are usually reduced in risk.

Due to their high content in fiber and nutrients and antioxidants this directly aides in weight loss and also keeps your gut healthy and functioning.

Bottom Line.

Every winning diet has a focus on eating lots of vegetables and fruits. Which are foods that are high in fiber and antioxidants. Which can only result in improved Health and Wellness.

6. Quality Focus, Not Calorie Focus

I’m such a believer in following a whole food diet. Which I follow myself. These are foods that either came from the ground or all-natural poultry. These are foods that are not in a box and cannot survive on a shelf for years and years.

All beneficial diets will commonly focus on healthy, whole food consumption, instead of a restriction on caloric intake.

To maintain your weight level being aware of your caloric intake is important, but restricting them as well, as completely avoiding complete food groups is just not effective for the long-term. Extreme restriction or deprivation will never end well or have longevity.

Just consciously nourish your body with healthy natural foods and the excess weight will naturally be eliminated.

Bottom line.

As I’ve said in many of my other articles, a truly successful diet is all about lifestyle change. By sticking to whole foods and implementing intermittent fasting, that excess body weight will naturally fall off. 

My Final Thoughts.

All of the healthy diets- including the low carb, the Mediterranean diet, the Paleo Diet and a whole food diet have some commonalities.

They all focus on eating whole foods and limiting processed foods, artificial sugar, refined carbs and trans fats.

Improve your health and wellness overall by greatly reducing your intake of processed foods. Fill those unhealthy components with whole foods, like fruits vegetables and healthy grains.