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3 Ways to Lose Weight Fast You May Not Have Known, Science Focused

There are a lot of options to lose weight quickly.

Although, lots of diet plans leave you feeling starved & hungry. Which are common reasons why you may not be able to maintain a new diet.

Though, many diets don’t have this effect. Low-carb diets, for instance, are useful for weight loss and are much easier to stick to than most other diets.

Here’s a 3-part weight loss plan that utilizes a low-carb diet and engages:

  • major reduction of your appetite
  • initiates quick weight loss
  • increases your metabolism simultaneously 

1. Reduce Your Carb Intake

A vital step is to reduce sugar and starches. Which causes your appetite to reduce and decrease your calorie intake because you’re eating much less.

Rather than burning carbs for energy, your body will burn body fat instead.

Additionally, by cutting carbs you lower insulin levels in your body, leading your kidneys to release excess sodium and water.

Which relieves bloating and needless water weight. 

Studies have found that many lose up to 10 pounds (4.54 kg)— plus some — during the initial week of starting this new way of eating.

The weight loss achieved is a reduction of body fat and water weight.

Research shows that healthy individuals on this diet choice reported noted success while following a low-carb meal plan, more than reported from those following a low fat diet for fast weight loss.

Eliminating starches, carbohydrates and sugars from your diet has the ability to reduce hunger, decrease insulin levels and aid in losing weight without feeling starved. 

A low-carb diet has the potential to decrease your appetite, leading you to eat fewer calories without feeling hungry.

Overall, reducing carb intake will result in relatively fast weight loss. 

2. Consume protein, vegetables and fat. 

Ensure that every meal has a protein element & fat source while maintaining low-carb, utilizing the proper vegetables. 

On average, you should be consuming two to three meals each day. If you feel  hunger rising up, add in a fourth meal. Always listening to your body and what it’s craving, each day. 

Building your meals in this fashion will decrease your carb intake to 50–100 grams per day. For ideas on how to build your meals, here’s a low-carb meal plan.


The foundation of this eating plan is to essentially eat plenty of protein…

Studies show that increasing protein intake will potentially improve calorie burning up to 100 calories per day.

High protein diets not only reduce cravings and fixations on food by 60%, but also reduce late night snacking by 50%, increasing overall satisfaction.

A case study showed that partakers of a higher protein diet consumed 400+ fewer calories each day.

When focusing on weight loss, having a consistent protein source is vital for success. 

Healthy protein choices include:

  • All-Natural Meat: chicken, pork, and lamb
  • Seafood: salmon, trout, and shrimp
  • Eggs: Free- Range eggs with the yolk
  • Plant-Based Proteins: beans & legumes

Avoid low protein options that contain soy.

Vegetables- Low Carb Options

Pile your plate up with low-carb vegetables. Not only are they full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, but you can also eat large amounts without going over 50 to 100 carbs per day.

A diet based mostly on lean protein sources and vegetables contains all the fiber, vitamins, and minerals you need to be healthy.

An eating plan focused on protein and low-carb vegetables contain all the nutrients needed to be healthy and well-nourished. 

The following vegetables are low in carbs:

  • cauliflower
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • kale
  • brussels sprouts
  • cabbage
  • celery
  • lettuce
  • cucumber

See a full list of negative calorie vegetables here.

Which Fats Are Healthy?

Healthy fat is very important to our diets. Our brains are comprised of fat. Therefore, fat consumption is necessary.

It would be very difficult to combine a low-carb diet with a low fat diet, simultaneously.

Examples of healthy fats:

  • Real Salted Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil

Take away

Be sure to build each meal with sources of  protein, fat and low-carb vegetables.

This will typically place you in the range of 20 to 100 grams per day, depending on your food choices…while greatly lowering your appetite.

3. Start Weight Training

Exercise isn’t needed to lose weight, that can be done with diet change alone. Although, there are so many increased health benefits to exercise.

Weight training not only burns calories, but it also increases your metabolism and overall circulation and wellness.

Muscle building and toning, also aids increased fat burning. Try going to the gym 3-4x a week or even going for a nightly walk through your neighborhood. 

Take away

Weight training is the preferred option… Although cardio workouts are also effective with added caloric burning.

Incorporate a high carb day within your weekly plan.

To maintain a fast metabolism and as well as your mental health. Having a high carb day or cheat day is a very common practice.

Some generally utilize a day on the weekend to loosen their eating habits. 

Although, it’s important to make healthy carb choices, whole food choices like rice, potatoes or fruit.

Again staying with natural, whole foods that came from the ground, but if you must eat something unhealthy, this would be the day to get that out of your system. 

Due to possible sodium increases in processed foods that are consumed, you may experience water retention after this high carb day.

Weight that you will most likely lose in the next couple of days.

Take away

Having a high carb day within your meal plan isn’t necessary.

But it is a way to increase the length of time you’re able to stick with this diet, potentially even making it into a lifestyle. 

Calorie counting or portion control.

Counting calories isn’t necessary while doing a low-carb diet because you are sticking to protein as your main food source, which is generally high in calories.

Depending on your protein sources, your caloric intake may be higher or lower on some days. 

Take away

Calorie counting is not needed to lose weight while following a low-carb plan. The most important aspect is to keep your carbs in the 20 to a 100 gram range.

9 Tips for weight loss

Here are 10 quick weight loss tips:

  1. a high protein breakfast.
  2. drink only water & unsweetened tea 
  3. drink water before meals. 
  4. choose weight loss foods that are whole foods.
  5. eat more fiber.
  6. eat slowly. 
  7. weigh yourself daily.
  8. drink more water
  9. Increase sleep. 

Take away

Utilizing all of these suggestions will increase fast weight loss, increasing effectiveness and success overall. 

How long will it take to start dropping weight?

Initially, you will shed up to 5 to 10lbs of weight during the first week and then slower weight loss thereafter.

If this is your first attempt at weight loss or dieting you may lose it even faster.

The more excess pounds you have to lose, the faster they will drop. 

At first, it will feel odd because your body is used to utilizing carbs for energy…so it will take an adjustment to get used to the feeling of fat burning. It’s even compared to a carb detox or withdrawal.

Some report experiencing the “keto flu,” or “low-carb flu.” Which usually subsides within a few days.

After that feeling has subsided, people report feeling increased energy, due to the elimination of sluggishness that processed carbs usually leave behind.

Additional ways that a low-carb diet will improve your health and wellness:

  • decreased blood sugar levels
  • Decreased triglycerides
  • Decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Increased HDL (good) cholesterol 
  • Improved blood pressure 

Take away

On average a large amount of weight can be lost on a low-carb diet, but results vary on an individual basis.

Low-carb diet improve overall wellness including blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. 

The overall takeaway.

By maintaining lower carb intake, lowering insulin levels within the body, you will also reduce hunger, cravings and your appetite.

These are the primary reasons why it’s difficult to maintain a new diet or weight loss plan, especially those focused on reduced caloric intake. 

While maintaining a reduced carb eating plan, you’re able to eat healthy foods until you’re full and still lose a great amount of weight and body fat.

Seeing fast weight loss from reducing bloating and water retention within the initial days of starting, while achieving true fat loss as you continue maintaining a low-carb diet plan. 

Low-carb diets assist you in losing up to three times more weight than common low-fat diet plans.

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before making any dietary changes, this reduction in starches and carbohydrates could reduce your need for medication overall. 

I’m a true believer in lowered-carb intake or only natural carbs, i.e., beans, rice, grains, oats & potatoes, once at your goal weight… for maintenance.

Avoiding or eliminating excessive breads or pastas, making the exception for gluten-free products which are easier for the body to digest.

I think a naturally healthy intake of carbs per day is 80 to 100 grams.

I don’t believe in extreme restrictions in carbs, because it isn’t realistic for the long-term.

And carbs are a necessary body fuel that your system needs. It’s all about eating the right carbs, healthy carbs. 

Which is something that I personally adhere to in my everyday diet, 98% of the time.

It keeps me slim and trim as well as keeps my internal organs in a healthier state.

Give it a try yourself and see the change in you:)

Jeanette Laine, Health & Wellness Expert

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